How Our Service Works

It’s as easy as 1–2–3

Here’s how our service works…

1) Contact us to set up your diaper service.

You can start cloth diaper service with us at anytime!  Simply fill out our Build Your Start Up Package Form or contact our office to set-up your cloth diaper order and weekly pick-up and delivery schedule.  We offer pre-birth deliveries of cloth diapers 1-2 weeks prior to your baby’s due date.

Visit our How to Start Service Page to learn more!

2) We will deliver right to your front door!

Once you’ve signed up, our delivery person will provide weekly delivery & pick-up right to your front door, office, or daycare!  You do not need to be home for delivery & pick-up.

Click here to view our Our Service Area.

And,  we provide everything you need to use our cloth diaper service:  Cloth Diapers, Diaper Covers, Diaper Pails, Snappis, Booty Balm, Cloth Wipes and more!

To learn more about our offerings visit our Packages and Pricing Page.

3) Leave all the washing to us!

It is not necessary to rinse or scrape your dirty diapers.  Simply toss the dirties in your diaper pail & let us do the dirty work!  We do ask that once your child starts eating solids that you “plop” any “plop-able poop” in the toilet.

We will pick-up your dirty diapers once a week and replace them with clean, fresh diapers.  On your scheduled pick-up/delivery day please have your bag of dirty diapers out by 8:00am.