Questions about Cloth Diapering?

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of cloth diapering OR are new to cloth diapering and looking for “how to” resources ~ you’ve come the the right place!  Take a virtual tour of our Cloth Diapering 101 resources listed below.

We want cloth diapering to be easy for your family.  That’s why we offer private in-home cloth diapering tutorials to all of our new parents!  Contact Us!  We are here to support you on your cloth diapering journey!

Cloth Diapering 101 Resources

Why Cloth Diaper?

Cloth Diapers are Good for the Earth! Disposable diapers leave an enormous footprint on our planet.  The average baby needs about 6,000 diaper changes from birth to potty training – that equates to about 2000 pounds of disposable diaper landfill waste – for just ONE baby! On top of that, it will take hundreds of years for these petroleum based diapers to… Read More

How to Diaper a Newborn with Prefolds

Diapering your baby with Cloth Prefold Diapers is easy! Here are step-by-step instructions with pictures, that nicely illustrate how to fold Prefold Diapers for Newborns. 1. To start, you will need a Newborn Prefold Diaper and Newborn Diaper Cover. 2. Fold one side of your prefold diaper into the middle – folding with the prefold. 3. Fold the other side of your prefold diaper… Read More

How to Diaper with All-in-Two Inserts

The All-in-Two Insert system was designed to make cloth diapering a snap!  Not only are All-in-Two diapers easy to work with, they are also trim fitting and highly absorbent. Here are step-by-step instructions, with pictures, that nicely illustrate how to snap our micro-fiber Premium Inserts into All-in-Two Diaper Covers. To start, you will need an All-in-Two Diaper Cover and a Premium All-in-Two Insert…. Read More

How to Cloth Diaper for Overnight

Double Up your Prefolds For Extra Absorbency Overnight. Once your baby is sleeping 5-6 hours through the night, it will be time to “double up” your nighttime diaper.  To “double up”, simply place a second folded newborn or small prefold diaper down the center of your first prefold to create an overnight super-absorbent “pad”. Here’s how to do it! 1. You will need:  two prefold… Read More

How to Prevent Cloth Diaper Leaks

First Spot check your diaper changes!  Make sure all cloth (prefolds, inserts, & doublers) is tucked into your waterproof diaper cover after each change.  If you’ve got bits of cloth sticking out the back, waist, or leg gussets now –  you will experience leaking later! Second Make sure your diaper cover is fitting properly and is the right match for your baby’s weight.  Diaper covers… Read More

How to Use a Snappi

Here’s why: The Snappi allows you to create a snug fitting diaper that will prevent leaks & blow-outs! Its t-shape & stretchable arms hook & anchor easily into your prefold diaper’s fabric in few quick steps. The Snappi is safe!  It was designed to prevent you and your baby from experiencing those painful pricks that are associated with the old style diaper pins of the past. Ready to learn… Read More

How to Fold Large Prefolds

When your baby is 15-28 pounds, she will be ready to move into our Large Prefold Diapers.  Large Prefold Diapers are 14.5″ x 22″, and if you have just moved up from our Small Prefolds (12″ x 16″) or Medium Prefolds (13″ x 18″), you may be wondering how best to fold this larger sized diaper. The following picture tutorial shows how… Read More

Diaper Rash Prevention Tips

Almost every baby will experience a diaper rash at least one time before age 3, with the majority of rashes occurring between 9-12 months. Diaper Rash or “diaper dermatitis” is a term used to refer to all rashes that appear on the diapered area of a baby’s skin. Diaper rash is usually caused by the friction of a diaper rubbing back and… Read More

Cloth Diapering Tutorials

Are you new to cloth diapering?  Do you have questions about how to diaper a baby with prefold cloth diapers and all-in-two inserts?  Are you uncertain about how prefolds & inserts fit into diaper covers? Do you need guidance in selecting the right cloth diapering system for your baby? We will answer all of those questions and more during your complementary Cloth… Read More