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How to Manage Weekly Orders & In-Home Stockpiles

Need to make a change?  Please give us 2 business days’ advance notice.

Managing Your Weekly Order 101

Ensure that the number of Mother Nature’s Diaper Service items you have on hand each week equals your standing order.

When you select a weekly order amount with our company, we will always deliver the top number of diapers in the order range. For example, if your standing order is for 71-80 cloth diapers weekly, we will always deliver 80 unless instructed otherwise by you. If each week your little one only requires 75 diaper changes, over the course of a few weeks, you will end up with an in-home stockpile of Mother Nature’s Diaper Service diapers and/or wipes.

You are renting each Mother Nature’s Diaper Service cloth diaper, all-in-two insert, or cloth wipe in your home.

So, on delivery day the number of cloth diapers, all-in-two inserts, or cloth wipes we deliver to you plus any Mother Nature’s diapers and/or wipes you may have remaining in your in-home stockpile should equal your standing order amount.

If your in-home stockpile will be greater than 10 diapers on delivery day, send us an email and let us know that you need a “one-week” delivery adjustment due to an in-home stockpile of more than 10 diapers.

How to Request New Quantities and Sizes

Is your baby ready to move up into the next size rental diaper cover, cloth prefold diaper, or all-in-two insert?  Do you need to increase or decrease your standing order of cloth prefold diapers, all-in-two inserts, cloth wipes, or rental diaper covers?  If so, just send us an email & we will adjust your next order accordingly.

How to Add Products to Your Next Delivery

Would you like to add a product or service to your upcoming delivery?   Simply send us an email with your product or service request and we will include it in your standing order and deliver it right to your front door!

Manage your weekly cloth diaper delivery amounts & standing orders with Mother Nature’s Diaper Service with this Diaper Math Fact Sheet: Download PDF

Preparing Your Blue Bag for Pick-Up Day

Our goal at Mother Nature’s Diaper Service is to take care of all the dirty work!  However, there are a few very important things that we need you to do when preparing your bag of dirty cloth diapers for pick-up day.

Your blue dirty diaper bag is for cloth diapers & cloth wipes only!

If you accidentally toss a disposable baby wipe(s) or other disposable items into your blue bag during a diaper change(s), please retrieve it (them) before putting your bag out for pick-up.  Disposable wipes & other disposable items clog our washing machine drains & cause us to unnecessarily re-wash loads.

When your baby starts eating solid foods, plop all “bally” or “plop-able” poop into your toilet.

Not only will plopping “bally” or “plop-able” poop into your toilet reduce your diaper pail odors, it also helps the environment! When customers plop “plop-able” poop, we are able to use fewer cleaning agents & water in our washing process.  **Remember, you DO NOT need to scrape or rinse, just PLOP!**

Please securely tie off your blue bag before putting your dirties out for us on pick-up day!

Tied off bags allow us to transport dirties in the most sanitary way possible.

Put your blue bag out for pick-up by 8:00 am on your designated pick-up day!

If you forget to put your dirties out for pick-up, contact us immediately via phone or email. Cloth diapers can be ruined by mildews & staining if they sit longer than one-week without washing. If you miss pick-up, you will be given the option to either drop them off at our facility or request pick-up for an additional fee.

Diaper Rash Ointments & Our Cloth

Did you know that not all diaper rash ointments are cloth diaper safe?


Petroleum/Zinc-Oxide based diaper rash ointments, especially those, like A&D Ointment, Desitin, and Butt Paste, are designed to repel water. Once these petroleum-based products rub on the fibers of your cloth diaper/premium insert, a water-proof barrier will form in compromised areas and cause it to leak.

Petroleum/Zinc-Oxide based ointments like those mentioned above can also permanently stain cloth diapers/premium inserts.  If you notice a light gray-colored staining on some of our cloth diapers or premium inserts, the stains on these completely sanitized cloth diapers were caused by an “unfriendly ointment”.

There are many cloth-friendly options available including coconut oil, olive oil, LuSa Organics Booty Balm, & Angel Baby Bottom Balm.  These products are all-natural or based in oils that do not permanently stain or clog cloth fibers.

If your baby’s skin needs Petroleum/Zinc-Oxide products, please consider using a liner between your baby’s skin and your cloth diaper. 

Customer Billing

Billing Cycle

Mother Nature’s Diaper Service has a 4-week billing cycle.

Your 4-week charge is based on the number of diapers you order and maintain in your home inventory. Your home inventory includes the diapers we deliver plus any extra diapers you have in a stockpile, not the number of diapers you use.  If you regularly have extra diapers left over each week and would like to drop to a lower inventory level to reduce your order and cost, please email or call us at least two business days in advance.  Please note, if you are simply requesting a one week delivery adjustment due to an in-home stockpile, your rate remains the same.  Please order in multiples of 10 diapers.

Pre-payment System

We use a pre-payment system, so your bill will reflect the amount due for the next 4-weeks of service unless otherwise stated.

Pre-birth Deliveries

If you received a pre-birth delivery of diapers, your billing cycle begins on your assigned weekly delivery day that falls closest to the birth of your child. Otherwise, billing begins your first delivery day if your child is already born.

Billing Notifications via Email

All of your bills will be sent to you via email using our on-line system.  Your bills will be delivered to your email inbox approximately one week prior to your payment due date.

Payment Types

We accept cash, check, credit card and ACH payments.

  • Please mail your check payment to our address or place your check payment into an envelope marked “Attention:  Mother Nature’s Diaper Service” and attach it securely to the outside of your blue bag on your scheduled pick up day the following week.
  •  Credit card payments are easy using our on-line system.  When you receive your bill, simply click the “pay now” button in the upper right hand corner of your bill and enter your credit card information securely.  A convenience fee of 3% will be added to payments made via credit card.
  • You may also sign up for automatic withdrawal from your checking account (ACH).  If you are interested in this method of payment, please email us and we will send you an authorization form to complete.


12-Week Pre-Pay Discount: We offer a 5% discount to customers who elect to pre-pay for 12 weeks of service in advance. If you would like to take advantage of this discount, simply let us know.

Refer a Friend and Save Money! New customers with at least 4 weeks of service pre-paid can earn a $25 referral credit for referring a friend that uses our service for 4 weeks.

Rural Deliveries

Some rural areas may be subject to a weekly surcharge.  Customers outside of our delivery zone can arrange to drop off & pick up at our facility.

Vacation Credits

We do offer credits to vacationing customers.  To be eligible for credit, you cannot use Mother Nature’s Diaper Service diapers/inserts/wipes during your vacation period or have any in an in-home stockpile.  We also require one-week’s advance notice.  If your normal delivery day does not coincide with your vacation departure, please leave your dirty diapers in a designated pick up location, ask a neighbor to put your dirties out for you on pick-up day, or drop them off at our facility.  Soiled diapers cannot sit for longer than a week without laundering – the mildews will ruin them.