Here’s what some of our customers have to say about Mother Nature’s Diaper Service…

“We’ve used Mother Nature’s Diaper Service for 21 months and have really enjoyed the timeliness, consistency and quality of the service. They were very responsive to requests to change the number of diapers delivered, and answered many questions along the way about leaking issues. With their advice, we solved all the leaking problems as our child grew into bigger inserts and double inserts at night. The Best Bottom diaper covers they sell are a great quality and have held up for 21 months. I appreciate being able to cloth diaper my child without the hassle of washing all the inserts myself. I highly recommend them for your cloth diapering needs!”

Emma - Madison, WI

When my husband and I had our first child, we had to make a decision on what to do for her diapering needs. We did plenty of research (as a lot of soon to be first time parents do) and discovered that cloth diapers were a better option for us, not only environmentally but financially as well. Mother Nature’s Diaper Service has great ratings as well as great products. They have been very accommodating and offer great advice to new parents. Since we live in Dodgeville, they pick up and drop off at my place of work in Madison. They are willing to accommodate my needs for the amount of diapers I need in a week or any other supplies they offer. The owners are extremely nice and are very prompt to get back to you with any questions or requests.  I highly recommend Mother Nature’s Diaper Service for your cloth diapering needs.

Lisa S.Dodgeville, WI

I’m so grateful to be able to utilize a diaper service that’s based in Madison, Wisconsin. I’m proud to be a long-term Mother Nature’s Diaper Service customer and have used their cloth pre-fold diapers and wraps for both of my boys. There’s no fussing around with washing the dirty diapers! I just drop them in the hamper, along with the cloth wipes, and once a week the dirty bag is picked up and a fresh, clean stockpile is waiting for me at my doorstep. It makes it so easy to be earth conscious while keeping my baby’s sensitive bums fresh and clean on a budget.

Valerie H.Madison, WI

We are extremely pleased with Mother Nature’s Diaper Service.  We have been customers for two and a half years and now have two children wearing their diapers.  The delivery service is exceptional! The owner returned to our home one snowy Friday evening just so we would have the correct size diapers for our infant.  They answered emails very promptly, is always available for questions and sends very detailed invoices.  I would recommend MNDS to any parent!  We feel great that our children rarely get a rash and we’re helping the environment.

Tim & Anne J.Stoughton, WI

We have really enjoyed your service.  Thank you so much for providing the community with this option and for making it so easy and smooth.  We have felt really good about our decision to use cloth and a large part is due to having a service that is so well run.

JenniferMadison, WI

These folks are the best. We’ve been cloth diapering since we brought JB home from the hospital over 9 months ago and it has been so easy with the service. One of the new owners have been an awesome resource, carrying on the personal customer service!

Pooja Sidney