Wash Your Stash

Does your cloth diaper stash need some serious deep cleaning? Do you need a vacation from your diaper washing station?

Let Mother Nature’s take care of that load!

Mother Nature’s Diaper Service will perform a deep cleaning to your stash of cloth diapers, including prefolds, inserts, AIOs, and wraps.  Our multi-step commercial laundering process allows us to ensure complete sanitation of your cloth diapers.

More about Mother Nature’s Deep Cleaning Service:

  • We offer pick-up and delivery for customers within our greater Madison service area. If you are outside our delivery area, you can drop off & pick-up your diapers at our facility.
  • Our standard turn-around period is 1-week. If we pick-up your diapers on a Monday, they will be returned to you the following Monday.
  • We will deliver a 1-week supply of prefold loaner diapers at your request for just $10.00.
  • Each diaper, AIO, insert, wrap, etc. counts as 1 piece.
  • Diapers must be washed prior to pick-up. Diapers that are soiled will be returned or one week of diaper service will be added to your bill.
Set-up Your Deep Cleaning Service in 3 Easy Steps!
  1. Contact us!  Simply give us a call (608) 251-2229 or send us an email.  We will ask you to complete our Mother Nature’s Deep Cleaning Order Form and schedule pick-up of your stash of diapers, AIOs, inserts, etc.
  2. We will deliver a 1-week supply of loaner prefold diapers at your request for just $10.00.
  3. We will return your cloth diapers after a deep, professional cleaning in our commercial washers.
Deep Cleaning Pricing
1 – 40 pieces $25.00
41 – 60 pieces $30.00
61 – 80 pieces $35.00
Loaner Diapers (+$10.00)
Payment for Services

Customer must pay for service prior to or at the time of Mother Nature’s Diaper Service picking-up/receiving the diapers.  An online payment can be arranged.  Checks can be sent via mail to 1007 Stewart Street, Madison, WI  53713.

Waiver of Damage

Mother Nature’s Diaper Service shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused to customer’s personal property (e.g. cloth diapers and inserts) during the performance of this deep cleaning service.  All efforts will be made by Mother Nature’s Diaper Service to prevent loss and damage of any kind.  Customer is responsible for providing an inventory that will be verified by Mother Nature’s Diaper Service upon receipt of cloth diapers and inserts.  If any discrepancies are found between the actual inventory received and that detailed on the customer’s initial order form, the customer will be notified and the order form will be updated prior to the service being performed.

Wash Your Stash Deep Cleaning Request