Our Cleaning Process

Your baby’s health is our top priority

Through the use of industrial washing machines that use water heated to over 150 degrees, our cloth diapers and inserts are put through a multi-step wash, sanitize, and rinse cycle that ensures every diaper is 100% sanitized and free of detergent residues.  Our diapers are also tested regularly to ensure the pH of the diaper matches that of a baby’s skin.  Additionally, each diaper undergoes an individual inspection at our facility before being packed for your order.  Maintaining sanitary conditions is the most important part of our cloth diaper business.  Our entire wash process is focused on ensuring that your baby’s skin is against clean, cloth diapers.



Our cloth diaper laundering process is environmentally friendly!  In fact, it is even better for the earth than home washing, because with the bulk amounts of laundry we do we are able to use less water and less detergent per diaper.