Hybrid Cloth Diaper Service

Our Hybrid Service includes a combination of both All-in-Two Diaper Inserts and Basic Prefold Diapers.

This plan allows you to benefit from “the best of both worlds”!

You can have the trim look and styling of the All-in-Two diaper insert system during the day and the ability to add more absorbency as needed with Basic Prefolds, especially during naps and at night.


Hybrid Pricing

Hybrid Cloth Diapers per Week
(combo of 1/2 prefolds & 1/2 all-in-two inserts)
Total Cost Per Week
71-80 $22.75
61-70 $21.50
51-60 $20.25
41-50 $18.75
31-40 $17.25
21-30 $15.50
15-20 $14.00

Please Note: Mother Nature’s Diaper Service uses a 4-week billing cycle and requires prepayment for 4-weeks of service at initial start-up and upon renewal.

Hybrid Service & Diaper Covers

When using our Hybrid Service, you will need a supply of at least 4-7 diaper covers.  Diaper covers provide the waterproof layer needed to keep your baby’s clothing dry when using Basic Prefolds and All-in-Two diaper inserts.

To start, we recommend renting 4 Prefold Diaper Covers and purchasing 3 All-in-Two Diaper Covers.

Prefold Diaper Covers

We offer three Prefold Diaper Cover Brand options for rent with our Hybrid Service:

Prefold Diaper Cover Rental Fees

  • Initial Set-Up 4-Week Rental Fee = $5.00/cover
  • After initial set-up period, on-going 4-Week Rental Fee = $1.25/cover

All-in-Two Diaper Covers

We offer two All-in-Two Diaper Cover Brand options for purchase with our Hybrid Service:

All-in-Two Diaper Cover Pricing

  • Best Bottom All-in-Two Covers = $17.95/cover
  • Imagine All-in-Two Covers = $12.50/cover

Hybrid Service Package Optional Add-Ons

Sample Start-Up Package

When new customers sign-up for diaper service, they often ask us for suggestions on where to start.

Below is a sample package, including our suggestions, to help you get started.

Please Note: the suggestions below are based on starting service for one newborn baby.  If your baby is past the newborn stage or if you are planning to cloth diaper a sibling group, we will work with you to design an individualized package that meets your sizing & weekly diapering needs.

Sample Hybrid Diaper Service Start-Up Package
Start-Up Package Qty Price
71-80 Diapers Weekly (Prefold & Insert) @ $22.75/week
1/2 Prefold Cloth Diapers (newborn size) and 1/2 All-in-Two Insert Diapers (small size)
4 $91.00
(4) Rental Prefold Diaper Covers (newborn size) = $1.25/cover/week 4 $20.00
(3) Best Bottom Diaper Covers @ $17.95/cover
*All-In-Two Covers are for Purchase Only.
3 $53.85
We recommend Best Bottoms for newborns.
Best Bottom Covers @ $17.95/cover (recommended for babies 8-35 pounds)
Imagine All-in-Two Covers @ $12.50/cover (recommended for babies 10-35 pounds)
(1) Rental Diaper Pail @ $20.00
(One-time fee for life of service includes 1 deodorizer disc monthly)
1 $20.00
Complimentary Cloth Diapering Tutorial included with Initial Delivery 1 FREE
One-Time Set-Up Fee 1 $10.00
Total for Initial 4 Weeks + Purchases $194.85
Weekly Service After Initial 4 Week Period
Weekly Service Price
71-80 Prefold Cloth Diapers (newborn size) $22.75
(4) Rental Prefold Diaper Covers (newborn size) $1.25
Total Price / Week $24.00

Your weekly cost is based on the total number of diapers, diaper covers, and other items you may order each week.  When your baby needs fewer diaper changes, you will be able to reduce your diaper order & lower your cost. By 3 months of age, most babies use less diapers per week.