We now offer Best Bottom Re-Usable Training Pants!

Because we are committed to offering earth-friendly diapering products from birth through potty training, we’ve added an exciting new product for Potty Trainers! We now offer Best Bottom Re-usable Training Pants to our diaper service customers! These re-usable Best Bottom Training Pants have both the look and feel of real underwear and are easy for little ones to pull up and down…. Read More

Asthma and Disposables

Is your baby wearing disposable diapers and struggling with respiratory issues?  Get the facts on the chemicals in disposables! Respiratory Problems & Disposable Diapers By Peggy Stern, MD NEW YORK, Oct 06 (Reuters Health) — Childhood respiratory problems, including asthma, may be linked to inhaling the mixture of chemicals emitted from disposable diapers, researchers write in the September/October issue of Archives of… Read More