Cloth Baby Wipe Service

Package Match

  • Premium All-In-Two Cloth Diaper Service

Cloth Baby Wipe Service

Product Description

  • Enjoy all the health and environmental benefits of using cloth baby wipes!  Let us deliver clean, cloth baby wipes right to your front door weekly!
  • Leave all the washing to us when you add cloth baby wipes to you cloth diaper service order!
  • Our Cloth Baby Wipes are made with a layer of soft terry velour sewn on a flannel backing.  They are extra absorbent and are perfect for diaper changes or cleaning messy hands & faces.  They are 100% cotton & measure 8” x 8”.


Cloth Wipes per Week Total Cost per Week
120 $7
100 $6
80 $5
60 $4
40 $3

How to Use/Care

  • Leave the washing to us!
  • Not only do we make it easy to use cloth diapers – we also make using cloth wipes a breeze!
  • When you add cloth wipes to your regular weekly diaper service order, you can just toss those dirty cloth wipes in with your dirty diapers and let us take care of the rest!
  • Mother Nature’s Diaper Service cloth wipes are for diaper use only.  Please do not use cloth wipes for other household activities.  Paints, grease, petroleum-based products, and certain foods will permanently stain cloth baby wipes.

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