Swim Diaper

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  • Premium All-In-Two Cloth Diaper Service

Swim Diaper

Product Description

  • These reusable, machine washable Swim Diapers are trim and snug fitting and designed to hold in any solid material without sucking up pool water and weighing baby down.
  • Discrete side snaps making changes in this swim diaper easy!
Available in two styles
  • Baby Boy
  • Baby Girl
Available in four sizes
  • Small Swim Diaper (9-18 pounds)
  • Medium Swim Diaper (17-23 pounds)
  • Large Swim Diaper (22-26 pounds)
  • Extra Large Swim Diaper (25-31 pounds)

Swim diapers are made to be smaller, and tighter than regular diapers–this helps hold accidents in at the pool. If in doubt, we recommend sizing up.


  • Swim Diapers are $10.95/diaper.

How to Use/Care

  • Wash in your normal wash cycle (warm wash/cold rinse).
  • It is best to air dry/line swim diapers, but they can occasionally be dried in a dryer on lowest heat setting.

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