How to Cloth Diaper for Overnight

Double Up your Prefolds For Extra Absorbency Overnight.

Once your baby is sleeping 5-6 hours through the night, it will be time to “double up” your nighttime diaper.  To “double up”, simply place a second folded newborn or small prefold diaper down the center of your first prefold to create an overnight super-absorbent “pad”.

Here’s how to do it!

1. You will need:  two prefold diapers and one diaper cover.

Step 1 - How 2 Overnight

2. Fold the top and bottom sides of one of your prefolds to the middle – folding with the prefolds.

Step 2 - How 2 Overnight

3. Take your folded prefold and fold it in half.  You’ve now created an overnight pad!

Step 3 - How 2 Overnight

4. Place your overnight pad into the center of your second prefold diaper – positioning it so that it covers your baby’s major wetting area.

Step 4 - How 2 Overnight

5. Fold the overnight pad into your second prefold diaper.

Step 5 - How 2 Overnight

Step 6 - How 2 Overnight

6. Open up your prefold diaper cover.

Step 7 - How 2 Overnight

7. Take your prefold diaper that has been loaded with the overnight pad and place it into the center of your diaper cover.

Step 8 - How 2 Overnight

8. Fold down the front of your prefold diaper so that it fits within your diaper cover.

Step 9 - How 2 Overnight

9. Place your baby on top of your cloth prefold diaper that has been loaded into your cover.

Step 10 - How 2 Overnight

10. Pull the front of the cloth prefold diaper up between your baby’s legs so that it rests on your baby’s waist.

Step 11 - How 2 Overnight

11. Secure your prefold diaper in place with your diaper cover.  Be sure to check the gussets and edges of your baby’s diaper cover.  Tuck any cloth that is sticking out back into the waterproof diaper cover.

Step 12 - How 2 Overnight

And, viola!

This overnight fold gives you several layers of super-absorbency right where your baby needs it most!

If you have additional questions about diapering with cloth prefold diapers, send us a message or give us a call at 608-251-BABY!