Cloth Diapering Tutorials

We offer a free Cloth Diapering Tutorial

Are you new to cloth diapering?  Do you have questions about how to diaper a baby with prefold cloth diapers and all-in-two inserts?  Are you uncertain about how prefolds & inserts fit into diaper covers? Do you need guidance in selecting the right cloth diapering system for your baby?

We will answer all of those questions and more during your complementary Cloth Diapering Tutorial!

Mother Nature’s Diaper Service offers a free Cloth Diapering Tutorial with Pre-Birth Delivery to all new customers who reside within our greater Madison delivery area.

During your Tutorial,  your Mother Nature’s Diaper Service consultant will walk you through everything that comes with our cloth diaper service including prefold cloth diapers and all-in-two inserts, cloth diaper covers, the diaper pail, pail liners, deodorizers, as well as, our other product offerings.

Your consultant will spend between 30-60 minutes with you during your tutorial and carefully demonstrate how to use the products in your pre-birth delivery for diapering.

Your in-home tutorial will include the following:

  1. Learn how to fold prefold cloth diapers with or without a Snappi
  2. Learn how the All-in-Two insert diapering system works
  3. Receive tips on how to add extra absorbency by “doubling up” with prefolds or inserts for naps and overnight
  4. Review the special features of our Thirsties, Rumperooz, Imagine, and Best Bottoms Diaper Covers
  5. An opportunity to let us answer all of your questions about what to expect with our great service!

If you live outside our greater Madison delivery area, we offer phone consultations or you can meet us at our facility to receive your tutorial in-person.