How to Fold Large Prefolds

When your baby is 15-28 pounds, she will be ready to move into our Large Prefold Diapers.  Large Prefold Diapers are 14.5″ x 22″, and if you have just moved up from our Small Prefolds (12″ x 16″) or Medium Prefolds (13″ x 18″), you may be wondering how best to fold this larger sized diaper.

The following picture tutorial shows how to fold a Large Prefold Diaper to fit a little one that is between 15-20 pounds.

1. Open your Large Prefold Diaper

Step 1 - How 2 Large Prefolds

2. From the back of your diaper fold in 1  & 1/2 ” of diaper – folding against the prefold.  (Please note that as your baby’s length increases he will eventually out-grow this step.)

Step 1.5 - How 2 Large Prefolds

3. Then, fold the top third of your diaper to the middle – folding with the prefold.

Step 2 - How 2 Large Prefolds

4. Next, fold the bottom third of your diaper to the middle – folding with the prefold.

Step 3 - How 2 Large Prefolds

5. Take out your diaper cover.  Your large prefold diaper will fit best in a diaper cover that is sized for a baby that is between 15-28 pounds.

Step 4 - How 2 Large Prefolds

6. Place your folded prefold diaper into your cover.

Step 5 - How 2 Large Prefolds

7. Fold down the front of your prefold diaper so that it fits within your diaper cover.

Step 6 - How 2 Large Prefolds

Step 7 - How 2 Large Prefolds

8. Place your baby on top of your prefold diaper.

Step 8 - How 2 Large Prefolds

9. Bring the prefold diaper up between your baby’s legs so that it rests on her waist.

Step 9 - How 2 Large Prefolds

10. Finally, snap or Velcro your diaper cover into place around your baby.  Be sure to check the gussets and tuck all fabric into your diaper cover.

Step 10 - How 2 Large Prefolds

And, voila!

Step 11 - How 2 Large Prefolds

Our large prefold diapers are easy-to-use and wonderfully absorbent!

To double up for nighttime, you can now create an overnight pad using small prefold diapers!  For tips on doubling-up at night, click here.