Thirsties Newborn Prefold Diaper Covers

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Thirsties Newborn Prefold Diaper Covers

When it comes to Diaper Covers, we’ve learned that one size DOES NOT fit all babies!  That’s why we offer several Diaper Cover Brand options for rent or purchase with our Diaper Service.

Product Description

  • Newborn Size with Adjustable Velcro at Waist fits 4-10 lbs.
Available in three colors:
  • Light Blue
  • Light Green
  • Gray
  • Thirsties Diaper Covers are completely waterproof yet remain breathable, pliable, and very comfortable for your baby’s delicate skin. The leg gussets add advanced leak-proof protection and bindings are super soft against your baby’s skin.
  • Covers may be used multiple times before washing but should be placed into the laundry if it becomes soiled.
  • Thirsties uses 100% polyester with waterproof TPU laminate
    FREE of VOCs, PVC, phthalates, lead, and latex


  • Our Thirsties Newborn Cloth Diaper Covers are available for rent only when using our diaper service.
  • Your initial start-up rental fee is $5.00/cover for 4 weeks.
  • After your initial 4 weeks of service, your on-going 4 week rental fee will be $1.25/cover.
  • With our rental program, when your baby is ready for larger sized diaper covers, you simply trade in your diaper covers for the next size up!
  • We recommend renting 4-7 diaper covers.

How to Use/Care

Cloth diapering with Prefold Diaper Covers is easy to do!  Click here to learn how!

  • While renting our prefold cloth diaper covers, you will provide basic care for your diaper covers at home until you are ready to exchange them for the next size up.
  • Our rental diaper covers have wipe-able interiors, so light cleaning can be easily done with a baby wipe between diaper changes.  Diaper covers may be used multiple times before machine-washing, but should be placed into the laundry if they become soiled.
Basic Diaper Cover Laundry Instructions:
  • Wash in your normal wash cycle (warm wash/cold rinse) with the Velcro closed.
  • It is best to air dry/line dry covers, but they can occasionally be dried in a dryer on lowest heat setting.
Removing Poop Stains From Diaper Covers:

Poop is definitely going to happen!  On occasion, you may end up with poop on the fabric of your cloth diaper cover. We recommend that you wash your diaper covers soon after staining appears on the fabric. With poop stains, you may be tempted to get out the “big laundry guns” like Shout or Oxyclean and attack the staining. Unfortunately, these products are too harsh for cloth diaper covers and could break down the vinyl.

For stubborn poop stain removal, we recommend you try the following:
    1. Soak the cover in warm (not hot) water for at least 30 minutes.
    2. Then, gently rub 2-3 drops of Blue Dawn Dishwashing detergent.
    3. If the stain won’t budge, try scrubbing the area with a toothbrush.
    4. Throw the cover in with your normal wash and wash in warm warm water with a cold rinse
    5. Lastly, let the cover air dry in sunny area.  The sun naturally whitens stained fabrics!

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