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  • Premium All-In-Two Cloth Diaper Service

All-in-Two Inserts

Product Description

Our Premium All-in-Two Diaper Inserts have 4 layers of very absorbent microfiber and are topped with a super soft no-pill fleece to pull wetness away from your baby’s skin.

Because the Premium All-in-Two Diaper Inserts snap into the diaper cover, they will not shift when worn.

Our Premium All-in-Two Inserts come in two sizes and fit babies from approximately 8 pounds through 35 pounds.

  • Small = 8-15 pounds
  • Large = 16-35+ pounds


Premium All-in-Two Diaper Inserts per Week Total Cost per Week
71-80 $25.00
61-70 $23.50
51-60 $21.50
41-50 $20.00
31-40 $18.50
21-30 $16.50
15-20 $15.25
10-15 $12.75

*Please note, Mother Nature’s Diaper Service uses a 4-week billing cycle and requires prepayment for 4-weeks of service at initial start-up and upon renewal.

With newborns, we recommend starting off with 80 prefold diapers per week. Newborns need to be changed approximately 10-11 times per day.

How to Use/Care

Cloth diapering with All-in-Two Inserts is a snap!  Click here to learn how!

Did you know that not all diaper rash ointments are cloth diaper safe?

Petroleum/Zinc-Oxide based diaper rash ointments, especially those, like A&D OintmentDesitin, and Butt Paste, are designed to repel water. Once these petroleum-based products rub on the fibers of your All-in-Two Insert, a water-proof barrier will form in compromised areas and cause it to leak. Petroleum/Zinc-Oxide based ointments like those mentioned above can also permanently stain All-in-Two Inserts.

There are many cloth-friendly options available including coconut oil, olive oil, LuSa Organics Booty Balm, & Angel Baby Bottom Balm. These products are all-natural or based in oils that do not permanently stain or clog cloth fibers. If your baby’s skin needs Petroleum/Zinc-Oxide products, please consider using a liner between your baby’s skin and your cloth diaper.

For your convenience, we have the following products available to add-on to your diaper service package:

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